Dear Second Grade Parents,


           Welcome to second grade! I am very excited that you are here tonight and I am looking forward to working with your child.  There is so much learning that takes place this year; you will be amazed as you watch the academic, social, and emotional growth of your child.

    This folder contains many important pieces of information that you will need throughout the year.   Please keep it in a safe place for easy reference. 

    I am looking forward to working with you and your child throughout this year.  Your interest in your child’s school experience is appreciated.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please know that I can be reached using the contact information listed below.  Thank you for attending and all of your support.



                                                                      Emily Brunell


                                                              (267) 893-4200 x 4246



       Nuts and Bolts for the Year    

    General Information 2nd Grade


    School Hours:     8:50 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

    • A written excuse note is due upon return from absence
    • A child arriving after 8:50 a.m. is considered tardy and needs to sign in at the office before proceeding to the classroom.
    • Parents may request missed work to be sent home with a sibling or neighbor. Please make requests by 10:00 a.m.
    • If you are going on a family vacation, please request a vacation form prior to your trip so that the absence is excused.


    Bus Regulations/Dismissal:

    • Students may not change buses or stops.
    • Please send a note if your child is being picked up at the back porch after school or is leaving early for an appointment.
    • If your child will be picked up before 3:25 p.m., please stop at the office and your child will be called.



    • Your child will write down their homework every morning in their homework book. Students will be given time to complete their math and spelling homework in class.  If they do not finish the corresponding pages in class, students will need to complete them at home.  Parents are encouraged to go over the corresponding homework page with their child that night.  Please sign and date your child’s homework book and homework pages each night.
    • Monday-Thursday night your child needs to read for 20 minutes and complete the provided reading log. At the end of each month your child will be asked to complete an activity for one of the books he/she read during that month. 
    • Your assistance with developing good study habits at home is appreciated and very beneficial to your child’s learning. It is always recommended to help your child make corrections; however this needs to be your child’s work.



    Lunch:        11:40 a.m. – 12:10 p.m.

    • $2.60 daily – A child may pay in cash or you may set up a pre-pay charge account online or through the form attached to the school menu.
    • Please check menu for daily choices.
    • If your child will be buying lunch on a consistent basis I am asking that you consider putting money on his or her lunch account. This will help to prevent the money being lost and also helps to move the lunch line along.
    • You are able to designate how the money is allotted (ex: 22 lunches-no snack), by writing it on the memo area of your check.


    Recess:       11:10 a.m. – 11:40 a.m.

    • We go outside whenever possible
    • Children should dress appropriately for the weather. On very cold days, the time outdoors may be shortened.



    • Your child will need a healthy snack, that is peanut free each day.
    • We will be eating snack around 1:30 each day.


    Medication Procedures:

    • The nurse can dispense OTC or prescription medication only with a “Medication Dispensing Form” signed by both physician and parent.




    • A parent or special guest is invited to read to the class to celebrate each child’s birthday. *Due to food allergies, we will not distribute birthday treats.
    • We will have a summer birthday party at the end of the year for those students’ birthdays that are in late June, July, and August. They may invite a special guest to read to the class during May or June.
    • For parties outside of school, invitations may be sent in only if they are for the entire class or all of the boys/girls


    School Closing:

    • Primary sources of information are the TV/radio/website (cbsd.org)
    • Our closing number is 755.
    • Should school be dismissed early, be sure your child knows what to do.
    • The NEWSLINE number is 267-893-2000



    • All personal articles should be labeled with your child’s name.
    • Parent volunteers must be on the CB Approved Volunteer list.
    • You will need to have your ID on you to enter the school
    • School policy: Children cannot return to the classroom after school hours for forgotten homework, books, etc. 


    Daily Schedule



    Arrival/ Morning Work


    Morning Meeting


    Reading Block



    *Exception Tuesday 12:30-1:10*


    Recess/ Lunch


    Read Aloud




    Science/Social Studies


    1:55– 3:25





    Weekly Specials


    Monday          Quest              10:30-11:10


    Tuesday          Gym               *12:30-1:10*


    Wednesday      Library              10:30-11:10


    Thursday         Art                   10:30-11:10

                        Laptop Cart         1:30-2:00


    Friday            Music                 10:30-11:10



    Second Grade Curriculum


    • Whole Group and Guided Reading (Pearson Education, Inc.)-“Good Habits, Great Readers”

    Literature-based reading program that reinforces word recognition and comprehension strategies through the use of authentic literature and a variety of other “real world” materials. This program focuses on the 7 habits of effective readers.

    The children will be involved in a combination of whole group and small group instruction for 90 minutes a day.  During whole group instruction, the children will be introduced to decoding, word recognition, and comprehension skills/strategies within a “shared reading” experience.  In the small guided reading group time, the children will have an opportunity to review, apply, and extend these strategies with reading material at their individual level. In addition, students will participate in self-selected reading and response activities.


    Language Arts

    • Writing Workshop (Developmental Studies Center)- “Being a Writer”

    Program focuses on building a writing community where students feel comfortable to take risks, share their writing, and build on their individual skills and interests.  They are encouraged to support one another in the writing process and provide/receive thoughtful feedback.  They will explore various writing techniques as they work extensively on the writing process of planning, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing.  They will have many opportunities to explore different modes of writing, including personal narrative, descriptive, expository, creative, and even persuasive.

    • Language Skills (Developmental Studies Center)- “Being a Writer”

    Grammar, usage, and mechanics are incorporated throughout the writing program through direct instruction and teacher-student conferencing.



    • Math in Focus (Singapore Math)

    Math in Focus focuses on problem solving as the foundation of mathematical learning using a variety of models to help students visualize and understand mathematical concepts. This program teaches concepts using a concrete–pictorial–abstract learning progression to anchor student knowledge in real-world, hands-on experiences, supported by technology applications. Math in Focus encourages positive student interaction with mathematics which results in students developing an ability to easily solve complex, real-world math problems.



    • Science Companion (University of Chicago Science Group)

    Program that encourages young learners to develop their scientific thinking through active engagement in explorations that enhance their powers of inquiry, observation, and reflection while investigating such topics as habitats, sound, and rocks/minerals.  To complement and extend our classroom learning, we may have speakers in specific fields of study or embark on various field trips.


    Social Studies

    • Social Studies Alive (Teachers Curriculum Institute) “My Community”

    A student-centered, activity-based program that explores the child’s connection, interaction, and impact on local and global communities.