Michener Art Museum

Michener Museum Activities

Michener Activities

  • After your tour of the Michener Art Museum select one of the following activities to do as a group:

    These will be shared with Mrs.Farrell and your teacher's upon our return. School expectations for digital citizenship is expected.

    1- Chatterpix

    Choose 3 pieces of artwork or sculpture from the museum. Take a Picture and tell a story about it using Chatterpix. The story could be about one thing in the painting or the narrative of the entire piece. Save your 3 Chatters to the camera role

     2- Bookcreator (could also be done in SWAY)

    Interview an artwork: Brainstorm 3 questions you have about a painting or sculpture. As a group try to answer these questions using the picture clues to guide you. Take a photo of the artwork and write out your interview using the Bookcreator app.

    Memory book: Have each group member take a picture of their favorite part of the museum (inside or out). Compile all pictures into pages of a 'scrapbook' in Bookcreator. Each person write a caption for the picture about why it was his or her favorite. (could also be done for Mercer)

    3- iMovie commercial

    This field trip is a traditional part of the 4th grade year. What would you like to share with future kids to get them excited or interested in going to a local museum? Make a 30 second commercial highlighting the trip. *Remember you are AT the museum- you can NOT be loud or run around)

    4- Learn more!

    CLICK HERE to view the Michener Museum Discover page for fun facts and interesting information about the museum and its collection.