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    The Central Bucks School District will support the academic needs of the school district by providing the financial resources required to support the highly-rated staff, provide appropriate facilities and technology, and be respectful to the community by using resources in an efficient and cost effective manner.

    Financial Planning and StaffingProvide a first-class faculty and support staff to facilitate student achievement in an environment conducive to learning.


    1. Develop financial models to focus on projecting and evaluating salary and benefit expenses as these areas account for over 70% of the yearly budget and have a long-term impact on the financial direction of the school district.
    2. Seek out strategic partners that can help control or reduce expenses while maintaining quality service to the community and staff.

    2019-2020 Strategic Initiatives

    • Evaluate staffing needs that meet the dynamics of student enrollment, curriculum changes, school security, and student health.
    • Look for creative solutions to reduce the budgetary impact of the state retirement system.
    • Implement projection models to analyze the financial impact of bargaining unit negotiation proposals in conjunction with the impact of the Act 1 Index over a four to five-year time horizon.

    InfrastructureCreate a future focused environment by anticipating the financial capital needs of the school district with a five to ten-year outlook.


    1. Maintain the long-term financial discipline to care for the infrastructure of the school district that over the past decades the community has generously invested in:
      • Buildings and grounds
      • Technology
      • Transportation
      • Food Service

    2019-2020 Strategic Initiatives

    • Plan disciplined general fund transfers to develop financial resources for possible replacement of older elementary schools in eight to twelve years.
    • Financially plan for major construction upgrades to building heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems over the next three to five years.
    • Develop a site for a school bus depot providing the school district with the capacity to park, fuel, and maintain all vehicles needed for efficient operations (also, potential combined site for future elementary school and playing fields).

    Business Operations and Efficiency Develop operational efficiency and continue to develop systems that provide more information to improve financial communication.


    1. Research and implement a new financial and human resource software system that will provide for long term financial forecasting and personnel management.
    2. Leverage automated fund collection and payment software to improve family interaction with the school district and improve financial controls.
    3. Develop on-going requirements for a student based food service program.

    2019-2020 Strategic Initiatives

    • Implement human resource and finance software that provides data integration, data integrity, and position control while meeting the school district’s needs for on-boarding, benefits administration, payroll, accounting, purchasing, bidding, accounts payable, and student activities.
    • Upgrade the Kronos time and attendance software to a cloud-hosted platform.
    • Develop a reporting process to efficiently and compliantly satisfy the reporting requirements of the Every Student Succeeds Act.

    Policies and Procedure - Implement school board policies and procedures in coordination with the solicitor and the Pennsylvania School Board Association.


    1. Policy Updates and implementation.

    2019-2020 Strategic Initiatives

    • Work with the policy committee to update business related (600 series) policies.
    • Monitor legislative changes that impact the operation and policies of the business office, transportation, food service, and the operations of the community school program.
    • Evaluate policy review recommendations proposed by the Pennsylvania School Boards Association and the Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials.

    2018-2019 Strategic Objectives with Progress Notations