• Unit 4: Human Population and Energy
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    Day 1 Tuesday 11/12/19  (Monday 11/11/19-Veteran's Day Assembly)
    I will describe how the population has grown over the past 10,00 years.

    Return Unit 1 Packs
    Notes: Human Population Growth-Limits to Growth
    HW: Enviro Career Final Project; Current Event Presentations
    Day 2 Wednesday 11/13/19
    I will identify variables that affect the carrying capacity of planet Earth.

    Cemetary Lab
    Don't Panic! The Truth About Population
    Notes: Demography-Mortality
    HW: Enviro Career Final Project
    Day 3 Thursday 11/14/19
    I will analyze variables that affect population growth

    Notes: Life Expentancy and Population Growth
    Cemetary Activity 
    HW: Pop Vocab: Enviro Career Final Project
    Honey I Shrunk the Population

    Day 4  Friday 11/15/19

    I will analyze variables that affect population growth

    Cemetary Activity Finish/Don't Panic
    Population Pyramid Analysis
    HW: Enviro Career Final Project  Paper Due ____




    Day 5 Monday 11/18/19

    I will analyze demograhic indicators to make predictions on future growth or decline.

    Finish Population Pyramid Analysis
    Gapminder: Development in Motion

    HW: Final Project Paper Due ______


    Day 6 Tuesday 11/19/19

    I will identify the major fossil fules and what they are used for.
    Fossil Fuel Notes
    Oil Video
    Calculation: Gulf Oil Spill

    HW: Final Project Paper Due Due 12/3/19 
    http://www.quia.com/quiz/7035563.html + Energy Bill


    Day 7 Wednesday 11/20/19

    I will calculate the volume of oil that spilled into the Gulf of Mexico in 2011.
    Calculation: Gulf Oil Spill
    Fossil Fuel Notes
    Energy Audit 

    HW: Final Project Paper Due 12/3/19 


    Day 8 Thursday 11/21/19
    I will identify how much energy my family uses and determine solutions to lower the bill.

    Introduce Wind Car Project
    Energy Audit (con'd)
    Start Renewable Energy Notes
    HW: Final Project Paper Due 12/3/19, Wind Car Contest ______


    Day 9 Friday 11/22/19

    Finish Energy Audit (if needed)
    Renewable Energy Notes to Cars
    Wind Car Project
    Mini Field Trip Annoucement
    How much for that Ride?

    HW: Final Project Paper Due 12/3/19; Wind Car Project; 


    Day 10 Monday 11/25/19
    Renewable Energy-Solar Energy
    How Much for that car
    HW: Final Project Paper Due 12/3/19; Wind Car Project tomorrow; Field Trip Form


    Day 11 Tuesday 11/26/19

    Wind Car Competition
    Finish How Much for that car.
    Hw: Final Paper Due 12/3/19; Field Trip Form


    Day 12 Tuesday 12/3/19

    Notes: Renewable Energy 
    Start Solar Powered Cars
    Solar Power Energy Estimation

    HW: FIeld Trip Form


    Day 12  Wednesday 12/4/19
    Final Paper should be submitted
    Solar Power Energy Estimation Mini Field Trip: CB South's Solar Panels


    Day 14 Thursday 12/5/19

    Solar Powered Car Lab (Weather Permitting) Data Table A
    Notes: Renewable Energy
    Notes: Renewables Continued
    HW: Solar POwered Car Part B

    Day 15 Friday 12/6/19
    Solar Powered Car part B
    Notes: Finish Renewable Energy Sources
    Green Home Project
    HW: Complete Pop.Energy Pack

    Population and Energy Pack:
    1. Video: Don't Panic
    2. Cemetery Survivorship Lab
    3. Population Pyramid Analysis
    4. Gapminder: Population in Motion
    5. Gulf Oil Spill Calculation
    6. Energy Audit
    7. How Much for that Car?
    8. Solar Power FT Calculation
    9. Current Events

    Population and Energy Pack
    1. Video:How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth
    2. Cemetery Demography
    3. Population Pyramid Analysis
    4. Gapminder: Development in Motion
    6. Oil Spill Calculation
    7. Energy Audit
    8. How Much for that Ride?
    9. Solar Power Calculation 
    10. Current Events
    Day 16 Monday 12/9/19
    Mr. Pecic Visit
    Collect Current Events/Pack
    Work on Presentation
    HW: Final Presentation