Study Skills
  • Course Description:

    Study Skills is a course designed to help students improve their various learning competencies to promote independence in managing academic coursework.  Through targeted instruction, students can develop and reinforce study and organizational skills.  Curriculum will feature activities that help expand test preparation, managing project timelines, SAT and curriculum-based vocabulary, content area reading, and components of writing.  This course promotes student responsibility and time management skills through supported independent work time during each class.  This time is utilized to either practice one of the targeted study competencies or apply learned strategies to academic coursework.



    This course is worth .5 elective credits (.25 if you are scheduled A/B day). Final grades will be calculated by the following percentages. This means that each group is weighted, and the assignments in the higher percentage categories count more heavily towards your final grade.

    • Summative Assessments (Planning sheets, final assessments/ products, & assignments at the end of a unit) – 90%
    • Formative Assessments (warm-ups, exit slips, quizzes, check points, class work, article activities) – 10%



    Students will rarely be assigned written homework. Homework for study skills is to plan and prepare for upcoming assessments in content area classes, maintain a calendar, and an organizational system that will allow students to find success! Any missed assignments, due to absences, will be made up when students return to school. 


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