• Mrs. Smith

         Sew Helpful Club  

    ü  Materials to get:


    ü  Knitting Needles – size 10 or higher


    ü  Yarn for practicing


    ü  Yarn for making a practice scarf – chunky yarn is best for this



    Meeting Dates 2019-20 School Year:

    1st and 3rd Thursday of Every Month from 2:30 – 4:30

    Oct 3, 17

    Nov 7, 21

    Dec 5, 19

    Jan 2, 16

    Feb 6, 20

    Mar 5, 19

    Apr 2, 16


     Sew Helpful Club will knit/hand sew various items to donate to St. Christophers Hospital for Children in Philadelphia.  Your own knitting needles and yarn would be great for you to have so you can work on knitting on your own.

    Knitting is Proven to Help with Anxiety

    Recent research shows what many knitters already know in their hearts, knitting has a measurable effect on calming anxiety and relieving stress. In one international survey, a strong connection was revealed between knitting and feelings of calm and happiness. In addition to the activity itself, many knitters find benefits in the social nature of knitting - whether they belong to a local knitting group or an online community


    Knitting Promotes Social Connection

    We’ve already mentioned that knitting in a social setting, whether in real life or online, offers great mental health benefits, but another element is that knitting is often a chance to give back - which can be a great boost to your mental health. There are many ways to knit for charity and many studies show that giving back to the community supports mental health and can help with feelings of depression and loneliness.