Pick Project Club

  • Purpose:

    The Pick Project collects zero balance gift cards (used up gift cards) and upcyclesthem into guitar pick bracelets.  We have also expanded into creating a guitar pick mural to be auctioned off at a later date. These bracelets are then sold to local community members.  The money earned funds a CB Cares grant to sponsor students who cannot afford muscial instruments or lessons within the CB community.

    What will you, as members be doing?

    • Unpacking and sorting zero balance gift cards
    • Punching out guitar picks from the cards
    • Creating the bracelets
    • Brainstorming mural ideas
    • Creating and building the mural
    • Listening to the AWESOME playlist you and your parents created:)



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    Most of our updates will be on my Twitter feed

    Twitter Twitter @CBweaverj

    fb Facebook:  The Pick Project

    insta Instagram: @pickthepickproject

Pick Project Club

  • The Pick Project meets the first Thursday of every month with the exception of November.  Dates are subject to change, so be sure to check our site often for updates. 

    Place: STEM Lab

    Advisor: Mrs. Weaver

    Time: 2:30-4 pm 

    Meeting Dates

    November 8th

    December 6th

    January 3rd

    February 7th

    March 7th

    April 4th

    May 2nd