• CB West Orchestra Uniforms


    All CB West Orchestra students are required to wear the following uniform for all CB West Orchestra Concerts (except for the Halloween Pops Concert). 


    Women: Either a floor-length black dress or floor-length black skirt and a black dress top, black dress shoes. Female cellists may wear black dress pants. 


    Men: Either a black tuxedo or black suit (no obvious pinstripes or patterns), button-down, collared white dress shirt, a tie, black dress socks and shoes. 


    Unacceptable items include: jeans, leggings, sneakers, boots, dresses/skirts shorter than ankle length. We want to conduct ourselves in a professional manner, hence the dress code. This is standard for high school ensembles. There is no specific place that you must order your uniform from. I would suggest shopping at department stores, formalwear stores, or sites such as https://www.formalfashionsinc.com/ or https://www.formalwear-outlet.com/