Central Bucks High School West - Entrepreneurship

    Mrs. Toub

    CONTACT INFORMATION: RTOUB@CBSD.ORG and/or (267) 893-6275


    During the past two years, more than 25 million Americans were starting or running new businesses in the United States. In this course students will be able to:

    • define, identify and apply the principles of an entrepreneurial business
    • apply the principles of management and growth through business plans
    • apply the principles of preparing a startup business plan emphasizing financing, marketing, and organizing
    • apply the principles of creating and defending an entrepreneurial marketing plan


    Students will have the ability to identify and explain issues facing small, family, and entrepreneurial businesses.  They will evaluate the practicality of an entrepreneurial business and prepare a start-up business plan emphasizing financing, marketing and organization.


    This course will consist of three units.  Unit one will focus on learning, exploring and understanding entrepreneurship.  In unit two, students will learn about a food truck business and apply the appropriate entrepreneurial steps to the food truck business.  The last unit, three, will allow students to apply what they have learning throughout the course to a small fictitious business of their own.


    • Students are expected to respect one another and the property within the room
    • Students are expected to act as responsible adults

     Respect and responsibility revolve around 100% of everything you do and say.  Treat each other as you want to be treated!


    • Quizzes
    • Tests
    • Projects
    • Final Project


    Please remember when you are absent, 1 ½ hours of valuable class time is lost.  It is your responsibility to contact Mrs. Toub regarding missed assignments/assessments.  All assignments must be made up within a five day period.  If make up work is not completed within that time period, no credit will be earned.