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    Assessment Menu Planning Form

    Here is an example of  filled out form:

    Assessment Menu Planning Form Example

    Focus Question: Why did the United States go to war against Spain and why was the outcome significant?

    Assessment Type: Caricature

    Description (Use the example given from the sample description and edit it for your specific purpose): Draw a caricature of a Cuban citizen after the Spanish-American War.  Label the Cuban’s clothes, possessions, and body parts to show what a typical Cuban might have felt after the Spanish-American War.

    Individual/Pair: Individual.

    If pair, break down the assessment responsibilities here:

    Due Date: 9/14/17

    Steps to complete this task:

    1. Read the textbook about the Spanish-American War.
    2. Take notes about the outcome, centered around the focus question.
    3. Take notes from additional sources.
    4. Brainstorm ideas for the caricature
    5. Rough draft of caricature.

    5, Revise.

    1. Create final copy.