• Choir Communication Hub


    There are several channels of communication that are used for choir activities at Holicong.  The info below will help you keep everything straight!   


    For students in all my classes, I will use Canvas for things like practice quizzes, quizzes, assignment calendar and some types of class assignments. 

    Class Notebook (OneNote)

    For 7th, 8th & 9th Grade choir class students, we may use OneNote to take notes, do other class assignments, and store our choir music. OneNote is great because it gives students the option to write or type when taking notes.   


    E-mail is a great way to communicate with me if you have a question that might require a detailed response (questions about auditions, assignments, suggestions for private instructors, etc.).  My email address is jglaser@cbsd.org.  I try to respond to all messages within 24-48 hours.  Students - remember, you should use your CBSD email account to email me!!  

    E-Mail Blasts

    I don't want to fill up your email box with a million emails about choir stuff.  But, email blast is the best way for me to communicate with parents/students about things like concerts and rehearsals.  I will probably send 3-4 brief email blasts to each grade level throughout the year to just be sure the most important information (concert dates, after school rehearsal dates) is communicated.  


     I plan on mostly using the Canvas video submission tools this year, but we may occasionally use Flipgrid when there is a specific reason why it would be more ideal for an assignment.  


    I'll continue using Twitter to post fun pictures and video of choir events.  Twitter is also a great way for alumni to keep up with what's going on in choir at Holicong!  

    Twitter accounts to follow include: 

    @HolicongMusic (pics and info from Holicong Band, Choir and Orchestra)

    @HolicongChoir (fun stuff from all the Holicong Choirs)

    @HFactor17 (specific Twitter account highlighting the travelling adventures of our busiest choir)

    Website & Calendar

    On the front page of this website, you can find links on the right for the specific pages relating to each seperate choir & class.  On the front page (below the pictures) I normally list special events and after-school rehearsals that are happening for the next two weeks.  If a rehearsal ever needs to be cancelled due to weather, etc., I will always try to post the change on the front page of my website.  On the calendar page on my website, I try to plan as far in advance as possible so that families have an idea what is happening in the future.  

    Remind App

    In the choral department, The Remind app will only be used for our co-curricular choirs and extra-curricular activities like our school play this year.   Remind will not be used for the 7th Grade Chorus and the 8th and 9th Grade Choirs.  

    Remind group codes will be posted here for parents and students who need to join those groups once they get up and rolling.  

    Procedures for Updating/Leaving Remind:

    (The following instructions are for those who use the "texting" version of Remind.  If you use the APP version, leaving groups is a little more self-explanatory/user friendly.)

    Graduating Students/Parents:

    • To leave ALL of Mr. Glaser's Remind groups, text @leave to the number you get Mr. Glaser's messages from.  This should remove you from all of Mr. Glaser's groups.  
    • Please follow us on Twitter using the group names listed below to keep up with all things Holicong Choir!