• Mr. DeCandido’s Supply List

    Third Grade

    1 package of colored pencils OR crayons (24 count or less)

    3 dry erase markers

    1 dry eraser (or clean sock)

    1 small pencil box or pouch

    12 sharpened #2 pencils

    1 pair of scissors

    3 glue sticks

    2 highlighters

    1 writer’s notebook (can be any design/style)

    1 marble composition book (bound- no spiral)


    1 box of tissues

    A one inch binder with pockets on the inside of the front and back covers

    4 plastic, two pocket folders- any color or design (folders must be three hole punched so the fit in binder)


    For Art Class

    9 x 12 Sketchbook

    Old Oversized T-Shirt