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    "Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas" - Albert Einstein

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  • Fifth Grade Everyday Math Units of Study
    Unit 1 - Number Theory
    Unit 2 - Estimation and Computation
    Unit 3 - Geometry Explorations
    Unit 4 - Division
    Unit 5 - Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
    Unit 6 - Using Data; Addition and Subtraction of Fractions
    Unit 7 - Exponents and Negative Numbers
    Unit 8 - Fractions and Ratios
    Unit 9 - Coordinates, Areas, Volume, and Capacity
    Unit 10 - Using Data; Algebra Concepts and Skills
    Unit 11 - Volume
    Unit 12 - Probability, Ratios, and Rates
    Fifth Grade Secure Skills:
    · Find the factors of a number.
    · Know place value to billions, trillions.
    · Know place value to hundredths, thousandths.
    · Determine whether number sentences are true or false.
    · Understand the function and placement of parentheses in number sentences.
    · Convert between fractions, decimals, mixed numbers, and percents.
    · Find common denominators.
    · Write and solve number sentences with variables.
    · Rename numbers written in exponential notation.
    · Compare, order, add, and subtract integers and fractions.
    · Round decimals to a given place.
    · Measure to nearest 1/16 of an inch.
    · Apply and explain problem solving strategies.
    · Write algebraic expressions to represent situations.
    · Use formulas to find areas of rectangles, polygons, circles, and bases of prisms.
    · Distinguish between circumference and area of a circle.
    · Understand the concepts of area and volume of a figure.
    · Plot ordered pairs on a one-quadrant coordinate grid.
    · Identify and use maximum, minimum, median, mode, and mean for a data set.
    · Interpret mystery line plots and graphs.
    · Understand and use tree diagrams to solve problems.
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