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    Dear Families,

    I’m writing to let you know about a fantastic, award-winning digital library called Epic! that will help foster your child’s love of reading and self-directed learning. Studies show that a home library significantly improves a child’s academic success during the school year and beyond. Kids on Epic! get instant, unlimited access to an incredible selection of 25,000 books, learning videos, and more, all personalized for your child’s evolving reading level and interests (from animals and DIY to STEM & more). You can access Epic! on your smartphone, iPad or computer — so kids can read and learn anytime, anywhere.

    In addition, for each family that signs up for Epic! and connects using our unique Classroom Code, our class will receive points that I can redeem for free books and classroom supplies. Epic! is offering an exclusive 25% OFF discount to families in our classroom, available for a limited time only when you sign up at www.getepic.com/teacheroffer. You’ll be given a FREE 30-day trial and instant, unlimited access to the Epic! library. 

    Sign up at www.getepic.com/teacheroffer to get instant access to Epic!’s amazing library and encourage your child’s love of reading and learning.

    Thank you!