Have you ever wondered how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly?  In this unit, students will start off by understanding that all living organisms have life cycles. Then the focus will be on studying the life cycle of Painted Lady butterflies. The students will observe, measure, and draw caterpillars, examine their chrysalises, and compare the eating behavior of caterpillars with that of the emergent butterflies.  Grab your net and magnifying glass so we can get started!
    By the end of this unit, students will be able to...
    • understand that humans have a basic life cycle that includes birth, growth, reproduction, and death
    • understand that humans have basic survival needs, as well as intellectual and social needs
    • identify the stages of a butterfly that include egg, larva, chrysalis, and adult
    • understand that metamorphosis occurs during the chrysalis stage of development
    • explain how butterflies are different in structure and behavior from caterpillars
    Life Cycle Websites:
    Butterfly Life Cycles