This year, our class will be studying the solar system.  By the end of the unit, your child will be able to:

    • understand how the sun's predictable daily patterns can be explained by Earth's rotation.
    • explain how the Earth's orbit around the sun causes the changes in teh lenth of day and night.
    • understand that the observable shape of the moon changes from day to day in a predictable pattern.
    • understand that the moon's cycle takes about a month, the time it takes for the moon to orbit the Earth.
    • understand the sun is a star like all other stars.
    • understand that the sun is teh center of our solar system, and the Earth is one of eight planets that orbit it.
    • identify the eight planets that orbit around our sun and explain each planet's unique characteristics that distinguish it from other planets.


    Here is a link to our study guide! Solar System Study Guide


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