Other Tests You May Encounter in Life

    You need 10,000 hours of practice before you master something.  Keep in mind that the SAT or ACT probably don't mark the end of testing in your life.  Do you plan to take an SAT subject test next year?  Will you go to grad school and need the GRE?  The LSAT? The MCAT?  Check out some links and see the level of questions you'll be expected to answer.

    • SAT Subject Tests:  Pick a test to preview skills and try practice questions: Subject Tests
    • PRAXIS exams (tests to become a teacher): sample tests: teacher prep exams
    • GRE: Pick a skill/focus area and see the skills/practice questions: GRE
    • LSAT (law school) sample tests: LSAT
    • MCAT (medical school): sample tests: MCAT
    • Real Estate exam: sample test: Real Estate
    • CPA exam (certified public accountant): sample test: accountant exam
    • Engineering exam:  sample test: engineering
    • Civil Service exams: sample tests: Civil Service
    • Information on other careers that require certification: certifications