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  • Summer Assignments for AP Studio Art were shared at a Wednesday, June 31st, 2023 meeting with Mrs. Levin.


    Students have two mandatory summer assignments for AP Studio Art which will count as 10% of their first marking period grade.     



    1.  Sketchbook Drawing (at least 2 hours/week) in a brand new AP Art sketchbook (100 points)

    -Try to investigate at least two “themes” that interest you that you could potentially use as a Sustained Investigation for your AP portfolio when you are creating these weekly sketches


    2- TWO fully resolved pieces IN or OUT your sketchbook (100 points)

    -Two finished pieces that revolve around a THEME of your choice- each piece should surround a different theme

    -Please write a description/explanation of the theme on the back of each drawing

    -Refer to the provided list of Sustained Investigation themes to help guide this work

    - The artwork outside of your sketchbook may be on a canvas, board, paper, wood, etc! 


    DELETE THIS PLEASE! Specifics of this assignment AND the rubric are located in this folder on my website.


    PLEASE CONTACT MRS. LEVIN at with any questions or if you need any support!


    Students joined an AP Studio Art REMIND group and are encouraged to reach out to Mrs. Levin throughout the summer with any questions or for advice on their work.  She is happy to hear from her awesome artists!

    Looking forward to a fantastic year ahead!  It promises to be creative, exciting and loads of fun!