• We will be using a combination of resources for homework.  The majority of homework will come from a website called Quest Learning & Assessment.  Follow the link on the main page to the site.  Once you have registered for the site you must also register for the class.  Once enrolled in the class you will have access to all assignments and solutions to previous assignments.  We will also use the text book.  Specific problems will be assigned in class.  It is up to students to complete the assignments and ask questions when they would like clarity or other help.


    Students will generally have more than one night to complete assignments.  This is to allow students who are absent the opportunity to get the material before trying the assignment.  I welcome emails about homework up to the day before an assignment is due.  That means that you should try all of the problems before the due date and come in with questions.  Please do not email me the night that assignments are due if you have been given multiple nights to try an assignment.