Psychology, Mrs. Haflett

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    Welcome to Psychology with Mrs. Haflett: 

    This course is a work intensive and highly interesting elective that will serve as an introduction to the basic methodology employed by psychologists as well as fundamental concepts such as: schools of psychology, biology and behavior, personality theories and abnormal psychology. You will read A LOT.

    The course will emphasize established as well as current research related to understanding the field of psychology. Students will have an opportunity to enrich basic understanding of psychology through research of current topics related to the field. This elective also includes a historical perspective on psychology, an emphasis on individual behavior, human development, learning, motivation, and personality. Lastly, students will study the contributions and methodology of major psychologists, such as Sigmund Freud, Abraham Maslow, Ivan Pavlov, Carl Rogers, and B. F. Skinner.

    *All Psychology students will be required to complete a core research project, worth 20% of their overall grade. The final assessment guidelines will require you to demonstrate your learning from multiple units.

    Here are a few tips to ensure your success in this class: 

    1. Participate- this class is fun with a lot of class participation.
    2. Be prepared to learn everyday- Have your materials and writing utensils with you every day. Note the materials list below. "Early is on time." 
    3. Respect all individuals in the class- Any signs of disrespect or hate will be immediately handled with severe consequences. 
    4. Leave your cell phone at the door as you come in each day. If we need it, we'll get it!
    5. Do your work on time. Late homework will not be accepted. 


    1. 3-ring binder for packets and notebook paper
    2. A planner to keep track of important due dates
    3. Headphones
    4. Internet Access and Office 365 Account
    5. Access to the Psychology OneNote Notebok (I will provide this for you)


    My Teaching Philosphy

    I believe we are stronger together- as a class, a community and globally. I believe we are learning more about the human brain each day and have barely uncovered its potential. My teaching techniques include positive reinfocement, relationship building, physical movment and active learning. My classroom management techniques include relationship building, helping students own their responsibility and teaching comapssion. My philosphy on working with parents: "We are on the Same Team!" I welcome all communication from parents and students. Let's have a great semester!