• Roxy Therapy Dogs has been an integral part of CBSD elementary school classrooms since 2005. Certified therapy dog teams provide comfort and support to students as they work to improve their fluency and become more confident readers. These specially trained dogs also build strong relationships with students in learning support, Autistic support, life skills and Multiple handicap classes. Recognizing the physical benefits of Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI) for students of all ages, Roxy Therapy Dogs expanded their programs to include visits to CBSD high school Bereavement groups and Stress/Anxiety Management classes. To a student who feels safe and relaxed, learning is accessible, and both physical and emotional healing is accelerated.

    Roxy logo “Bringing comfort to children, enhancing the experience of learning, and enriching the lives of canine and human volunteers” (from www.roxytherapydogs.org )



    Sharon Fleck- President, 609-558-8721, sharon@roxytherapydogs.org

    Phyllis Mikolaj- Director of Schools, 215-262-1024, phyllis@roxytherapydogs.org