Nelson Mandela
  • Listed below are the various programs that are currently being utilized in our elementary Learning Support classrooms! 


    • Math in Focus
      • Builds understandings with a concrete-pictorial-abstract learning progression
      • Provides teachers with a reliable, time-saving, and personalized digital experience
      • Brings the pedagogy behind Singapore Math’s high achievement to U.S. students
      • This program empowers students to develop the critical-thinking skills, positive attitudes, and confidence needed to set the stage for achievement.

    English Language Arts

    • myFocus Intervention  
      • myFocus Intervention is designed to help teachers target and address students’ intervention needs 
      • Focuses on development of skills and strategies to help students achieve on-grade-level expectations
      • The lessons are tied to national and state English Language Arts standards
      • Lessons can be used flexibly, based on students’ differing instructional needs and rates of mastery
      • Discrete skills are scaffolded into small, manageable minilessons for thorough coverage, focused practice, and built-in progress monitoring
      • Data-driven assessments after sets of related lessons allow teachers to monitor students’ progress efficiently and effectively
    • Wilson Reading System 
      • Explicit, direct, cumulative, intensive, and focused instruction on the structure of language
      • Multisensory learning using visual, auditory, and kinesthetic-tactile pathways to enhance memory and learning of written language
      • Consistent links made between the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic-tactile pathways in learning to read and spell
      • Offers a research-based program supported by thirty years of data collected and analyzed from school districts implementing it
      • Provides a systematic and cumulative approach to teaching total word structure for reading and spelling