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    • March 17 - Early Dismissal 
    • April 2 & 3 - Early Dismissal and Parent-Teacher Conferences



    Math: Chapter 7 Test on Monday, March 16th (date is tentative)

    • Skills / concepts for chapter 7 test: read / interpret line plots, create line plots from data tables, plot points on coordinate plane, label points on coordinate plane, create line graphs on coordinate plane from data tables, identify trends / relationships from data, identify and extend number patterns



    Writing: Spelling quiz (list #21) on Friday, March 13th; Informative Research Paper due Thursday, March 19th 

    * Student can access all of their major writing assignments online by logging into Office 365 and using the Microsoft Teams app.

    * All spelling lists can be found on the teacher website ("Spelling Resources" tab), and students also have a spelling book with all spelling lists.



    Reading: No upcoming assessments



    Social Studies: No upcoming assessments