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    Upcoming School and Classroom Events 

    • Dec. 12 & 13 - Early dismissal and Parent-Teacher Conferences
    • Dec. 19 - Holiday Instrument Concert (7:00 pm)
    • Dec. 20 - Holiday Sing-a-long
    • Dec. 20 - Early dismissal 
    • Dec. 23-Jan. 1 - No school (winter holiday)



    Math: Chapter 3 Quiz on Thursday, Dec. 12th

    • Skills / concepts for chapter 3 quiz: multiply fractions, multiply improper fractions, multiply mixed numbers, solve sing and multi-step word problems. 
    • Students should review / study chapter 3, sections 1-6, in their math workbook. 



    Writing: Spelling quiz (list #11) on Monday, Dec. 16th; comparative essay due on Thursday, Dec. 12th

    * Student can access all of their major writing assignments online by logging into Office 365 and using the Microsoft Teams app.

    * All spelling lists can be found on the teacher website ("Spelling Resources" tab), and students also have a spelling book with all spelling lists.



    Reading: No upcoming assessments



    Social Studies: Exploration Quiz (Chapters 4 and 5) on Monday, Dec. 16th 

    • Skills / concepts for exploration quiz: students should review content in chapters 4 and 5 of social studies textbook. Students should also review their guided notes worksheets for these chapters. Lastly, students should review their questions / answers from our in-class review.