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    • Oct. 21-25 - Red Ribbon Week
    • Oct. 31st - Class Halloween Party (1:45 - 2:45) 



    Math: Chapter 2 Quiz on Friday, Nov. 1st (date is tentative)

    • Skills / concepts for chapter 2 quiz: write fractions as division, convert between improper fractions and mixed numbers, identify equivalent fractions, simplify fractions, add fractions/mixed numbers, subtract fractions/mixed numbers.
    • Students should review / study chapter 2, sections 1-3, in their math workbook. 


    Writing: Spelling quiz (list #6) on Friday, October 25th; personal narrative final draft due on Friday, Nov. 1st (date is tentative) 

    * Student can access all of their major writing assignments online by logging into Office 365 and using the Microsoft Teams app.

    * All spelling lists can be found on the teacher website ("Spelling Resources" tab), and students also have a spelling book with all spelling lists.


    Reading: Reading Test on Oct. 23rd

    • Reading test will assess students' comprehension of our in-class novel as well as specific skills that were taught while reading the novel (i.e. making inferences, asking questions, identifying charactet influences, supporting thoughts with text evidence)


    Social Studies: Unit 2 Test on Oct. 24th

    • Unit 2 is titled "American Indians and their Land." This test will cover content presented in chapters 2 and 3 of the textbook. This will also be an open book test. This means that students can use their textbooks to assist in answering questions on the test. 
    • Students can complete the online review activity on the TCI website to help prepare for test. All they need to do is log in to office 365, go to their apps page, and click on the "Clever" app. Once they log-in to the Clever app, students should click on the TCI icon. This should log them in automatically. On the TCI wbesite, students can click on chapter 2 and/or chapter 3, and then click on the "lesson game" link along the leftside.