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    Math: Chapter 2 math test scheduled for Monday, Nov. 23rd (date is tentative)

    •  Chapter 2 Skills: Writing fractions as division, simplifying fractions, adding / subtracting fractions, adding / subtracting mixed numbers, solving word problems involving fractions



    Writing: Spelling quiz (list #8) on Wednesday, Nov. 18th


    * Student can access all of their major writing assignments online by logging into Office 365 and using the Microsoft Teams app.

    * All spelling lists can be found on the teacher website ("Spelling Words" tab), or by clicking here.



    Reading: LEAD 21 Test on Wednesday, Nov. 18th

    •  The LEAD 21 Test will include two short reading passages. Students will read each passage and answer multiple-choice questions to assess their comprehension and reading skills. Reading skills for this test include: summarizing, inferences, fact versus opinion, greek / latin roots, and idioms. Students will have a vocabulary study guide, and all words on the vocabularly study guide will be on the test



    Science: No upcoming assessments