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    • Feb. 21 - Author visit (Annette Whipple)



    Math: Chapter 7 Test on Thursday, Feb. 29th 

    - Test skills to review / study: Review concepts / skills from chapter 7. Students can use the review questions in their math workbook at the end of chapter 7 to study. They can also refer to questions in their extra practice / homework packet. 




    - Test skills to review / study


    * Student can access all of their major writing assignments online by logging into Office 365 and using the Microsoft Teams app. 



    Reading: No reading assessments this week

    - Test skills to review / study



    Science: Energy Unit Test on Wednesday, March 6th 

    - Test skills to review / study: Students can prepare for their assessment by looking over the Jeopardy Review questions. Mr. Hudak will email these questions prior to the test and also work with students on these questions during our in-class review.