• Finding Music

    For the Mid Atlantic District Audjudication in April, songs must be 'contestable.'  Use the following document to find contestable songs - they will be marked with a "C".  Find a song on the list - see if you can find a recording of the song online.  If you like a particular song, see if you you can find learning tracks online.

    Note - for 2019, since we are not sending quartets to the MAD Adjudication (conflict with CB A Cappella), you don't necessarily have to sing contestable songs.

    Young Women in Harmony Song List

    I already have sheet music and tracks for most of the contestable songs on the list.  Check them out HERE.

    If you don't see tracks - search for them on the sites below:


    Resources for searching for tracks

    (you can search google, but you can also start at these locations):


    Barbershop Tracks

    Tracks By Jen

    Kim Kraut

    Tom Gentry (note - this page also has a listing of a bunch of other track authors)


    General Resource

    Sweet Adelines International

    On the Sweet Adelines page, there is info about Regional Quartet Competitions - there's one in Hershey, PA in May 2019.  I have not looked into ANY details.  Read HERE and let me know if you are interested in pursuing this.




        Learning Tracks 

    For learning tracks for some songs, your part may be panned to the left or right channel.  If so, that means you can use headphones or a stereo with a left/right pan control to control how much of your part and how much of the other parts you hear.  Not all tracks are recorded this way - try a pair of headphones to find out.  Try listening with one ear at a time to see if the mix is different for each side.  


     Please try this method for learning your part:


    1. Listen to the part-predominant track of the song while looking at the notes on the sheet music. DO NOT SING, and don't hum. Just watch the notes and listen. Don't look at the words, just the notes. Do this three times all the way through from start to finish.


    1. Now listen another three times, this time singing the notes only on "doo-doo". Do NOT sing the words yet; just sing doo-doo in place of the words. Watch the notes, not the words. Do this three times, start to finish, just as before.


    1. Now, listen three more times, but this time “audiate” the words. What that means is that you simply mouth the words. Don't make any sound, just mouth the words as if you're on stage.  Over-enunciate, and mouth the words as if you're telling the story of the song. Don't say them, don't sing them, just mouth the words and tell the story of the song with your face. Do this three times from start to finish.


    1. Now, listen another three times, and SING, still watching the music.


    1. Try putting the music down and singing along with the recording. You’ll probably have quite a bit of it learned!