• Course Overview

    The 8th grade Family and Consumer Science course focuses on skills necessary for everyday life. These skills include the balancing of family, work and community responsibility, financial and resource management, child development, and food science and nutrition. Student will learn the importance and process of making effective decisions, and the role communications plays in success. Students will collaborate as members of a team to solve problems using the Dilemma process. Additionally, students will learn about SMART Goal process. Students will design and implement a budget, analyze consumer goods, and understand the employment process. With foods and nutrition, students will learn how to analyze food labels, learn the USDA’s MyPlate guidelines, food preparation techniques, and the importance of food safety. Finally, students will learn the stages of development and evaluate the appropriateness of various children’s activities.


    What Will I learn? 

    Unit 1

    Balancing Family, Work and Community

    ·       SMART Goals

    ·       Decision Making Dilemma Process

    ·       Leadership

    ·       Relationships & Interpersonal Communication


    Unit 2

    Financial & Resource Management

    ·       Clothing care & maintenance

    ·       Applying for a job / Application

    ·       Writing Checks / Money Management

    ·       Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

    ·       Everfi – Financial Literacy

    Unit 3

    Child Development

    ·       Stages of Child Development

    ·       Positive Child Guidance

    ·       Different types of play

    ·       Child Safety


    Unit 4

    Food Safety and Preparation

    ·       Food Safety

    ·       Measuring

    ·       Lab Planning Process

    ·       MyPlate

    ·       Intermediate Food Labs