• Rock of Ages CAST

    Posted by DANIEL MYERS on 10/6/2019

    Hello Everyone,

    Thank you so much for being patient with us as the casting team finished the incredibly difficult process of casting the show. 

    Miss. Katie and Miss. Danielle have gone above and beyond during this process to map out exactly which cast members are in what songs for singing and dancing. Please take a look at the last page of the CAST list to see exactly what numbers you will be in. Each one of you will be in 6 or more songs/dance numbers depending on which role or ensemble group you have been cast. We have done this to make sure that everyone is not only seen during the show but given a chance to shine on stage! 

    Our first read through is TOMORROW (10/7/19) after school where you will get your first look at the show. Please plan to stay from 2:30 to 5:00. 

    PLEASE CLICK HERE and print a character contract. This will be how your formally accept your role for the show. This should be brought to rehearsal no later than WEDNESDAY of this week. 

    Parents, please log into My Payments Plus and pay the $75 cast fee. This will cover most of your student's costumes, as well as all the addtional production cost of the show including your students T-Shirt and Script (Yes everyone gets a script this year). 

    And without Further Adieu



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  • Rock of AGES!!! Audition Info and MORE

    Posted by DANIEL MYERS on 9/11/2019

    Hello Everyone! 

    Welcome to all things Rock of Ages (ROA). As many of you know we have expanded our amazing directors team this year so the program is going to be structured a bit differently than in previous years where Mrs. Leo and I were the only two faculty on staff. This year we have a full team of amazing educators. 

    PARENTS PLEASE VIEW THIS VIDEO - it contains ALL the info you need for you students audition and acceptance into the cast of ROA 

    MEET THE DIRECTORS - September 18th 2:30 to 4:00pm - Mr. Beal and Miss. Katie will be going over all the inside tricks to having a great audition! 


    Director - Miss. Katie Gornick - Will be responsible for all things blocking, acting, concept, and costumes. Some of you may know Miss. Katie's work from her local productions at MNA in doylestown. She brings an amazing wealth of knoweldge to our cast that will help push our program to the next level! In addtion to her experience as an actress Miss. Katie is an amazing vocal coach with a Masters degree in vocal performance from Westminster Choir College and over over 10 years of muical theater direction experience. 


    Vocal Director - The amazing Mr. Beal - Many of our students have had a chance to meet Mr. Beal here in choir, but for our theater students who don't know him he is our new Choir/Vocal Director here at Unami. Mr. Beal brings a whole new approach and perspective to our cast which will help our ensemble and vocalist reach new levels of skill and technique. He also holds a Masters Degree from Westminster Choir College in Music Education specalizing in Choral Studies.

    Choreographer - Miss. Danielle Fairweather - Our Thrid new addition to our staff is Miss. Danielle. A former member of Penn state's very own "Whiplash" Dance team member, and now our 2019/2020 ROC choreographer "We Are" super lucky to have her joining us this year! Miss. Danielle also holds a Masters Degree in Special Education from Rutgers University and is a current elementary school teacher in New Jersey... you read that right, shes driving all the way out here to help us move and groove like never before!


    Technical Direction and Producer - Mr. Daniel Myers - This year I wll be stepping into the role as producer (a.k.a. the money man) and tech director! ROA is going to be a whole new level of tech. I will also be in charge of our Stage Crew allowing me the oppertunity to train and supervise our backstage ninjas as we call them!


    Now that you have met the team lets talk about Auditions and Scheduling. Anyone who wishes to be a member of the cast of ROA must schedule, prepare, and attend an Acting/Vocal Audtion for the show, AND a dance audition

    Acting/Vocal Auditions -  September 23rd or 25th - PLEASE CLICK HERE to schedule a time slot and CLICK HERE to print the required audition information page

    Dance Audtion - All Potential Cast members - October 2nd from 4:30 to 6:30 

    Call Backs - Will be held immediatly following Dance auditions on - October 2nd from 6:30pm to 8:30pm 


    So lets talk about WHAT you need to do for your audition. 

    Step 1 - Read the Audition GUIDE - this will help you understand all the details of the audition process AND Parent Information Page

    Step 2 - Check the SCHEDULE - You must be able to attend reherasals and ALL PERFORMANCES. If you can't make the shows or Tech Week please don't audition!

    Step 3 - KNOW THE SHOW - read the plot synopsis to get to know the show. This will only help you play the character better at your audition.

    Step 4 - KNOW THE CHARACTERS - check out the character descriptions and let that drive your audition! 

    Step 5 - LEARN YOUR SONG - listen to the singing examples, and practice with the tracks provided you will use the performance track at your audition. 

    Step 6 - LEARN YOUR MONOLOGUE - Review the "Sides" to futher your knowledge of the characters... then CHOOSE 1 (Lonny, or Pre-Show Announcer) monlogue to prepare for your audition. They don't need to be memorized but it always helps when you don't need your paper and can used the stage to your advantage. 

    Step 7 - CLICK HERE to view a sneak peak at the dance choreography for October 2nd. Miss. Danielle will be here to teach the dance that day... But we wanted to provide you a glimpse of what the dance will look like. 

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  • Schedule Update

    Posted by DANIEL MYERS on 12/17/2018

    Hello All,

    Please note, ALL rehearsals (as noted on the original schedule supplied before your auditions) run from 2:30pm to 5:00pm until tech week which runs 2:30pm to 6:30pm.

    UPDATED SCHEDULE as of 12/17/18


    -Mr. Myers

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    Posted by DANIEL MYERS on 9/29/2018

    Hello Everyone,

    First off, Mrs. Leo and I cannot thank you enough for all the hard work and time you put into your audition. We saw nearly 100 auditions last week, and finding the best role for each of you has been excpetionally challenging as you all did such a wonderful job. 

    A specail thank you to our girls who came out for the "Dance Company" on 9/20. Based on the overwhelming size of our cast, and the limited space avaiable on stage, we were only able to take 6 featured dancers. ***Please Note, if you were not selected as a member of the Dance Company but would still like to participate as a member of our Rydell High Teen Ensemble*** Please review the detailed ensemble schedule

    Please take the time to view ALL THREE documents listed in the link below. Take some time this weekend to review the "Detailed" Schedule for our show and be sure you can commit to the time required before you PRINT AND SIGN your Grease - Character Contract. Our first rehersal for Full Cast (Dance Company Attendance Optional) is MONDAY Oct, 1. 

    Thank you all again!!! We can't wait to see you at our read through on monday!


    Mr. Myers and Mrs. Leo

    PLEASE CLICK HERE to access the Audition Results, detailed schedule, and character contracts

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  • Call Back List

    Posted by DANIEL MYERS on 9/26/2018

    Hello All, 

    Great job at your audtions this week. Many of you have already been cast in your roles, and have shown us everything we needed to find you the perfect part. However, there are a few we would like to see come back tomorrow and try a few readings. 



    Gavin Dunlevy

    Sean Burke

    David Arnoldi

    Logan Ross

    Luke Seidel

    Chris Kline

    Ryan Adams

    Jackson Suits



    Zoey Schug

    Mia Jerdan

    Melinda Wang

    Jordan Vonder-Schmaltz

     Megan Magee

    Adrienne Juba


    Please bring shoes, and clothes that you can dance in comfortably. Thank you! 


    Mr. Myers and Mrs. Leo



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  • Update 9/23

    Posted by DANIEL MYERS on 9/23/2018

    Better Late than never!

    Ladies, I have fixed the issue with the "Hopelessly Devoted - Support" and "Hopelessly Devoted - Performance" Tracks on the google drive. They now line up exactly with the demo track and include the full audition backgrounds. So sorry this took so long I ran into a few technically difficulties but its all good now. Please use the time you have left to run it once or twice with the full performance track!

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  • Update 9/20

    Posted by DANIEL MYERS on 9/20/2018

    Hello Everyone, 

    A few quick things. First due to multiple request I have added a "Summer Nights - Demo" and "Summer Nights - Karaoke (Alternate Performance)" Track. Please feel free to use these to help learn the music but ***PLEASE NOTE*** the lyrics ARE NOT the same as your sheet music. The demo track is a cut version from the broadway version (not the school version) please use this only as example of phrasing, and not for the lyrics. Thanks! 

    -Mr. Myers 

    P.S. I have not yet fixed the "Hopelessly deveoted- Performance" track to cover the whole audition section. I will get that uploaded ASAP for now use the demo version for practice. 

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  • GREASE Audition Material

    Posted by DANIEL MYERS on 9/17/2018

    Please follow the Steps below in order to be prepared for your First Audition.

     Audition Information Sheet (CLICK HERE)

    DANCER ONLY AUDITIONS - will be held September 20th from 5:30 to 8:00 in the auditorium. Please come in dance clothes with Jazz Shoes. Bring a water bottle and a snack.

    • The main auditions will consist of some choreography, rehearsal time, and Performances
    • There will be additional time for you to demonstrate your own original choreography, or additional dance skills (Tap, point, batton, etc)  if you would like. Please feel free to choreograph 15-30 sec of music from “Shaken at the High School Hop” starting at 1:25 on the audio file.
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  • GREASE Sneak Peak!

    Posted by MR. MYERS on 9/14/2018

    Hello Everyone, 

    I wanted to try and get ALL the audition material up on line before this weekend but time has been my enemy on this. I will do my best to finish the audio uploads and repost a full list of audition materail this weekend. However, in the mean time please feel free to CLICK HERE to access the google folder containing 

    - Audition Forms

    - Rehearsal Schedules

    - Song PDFs

    - Demo Tracks

    - Monologues

    I am currently still working on the audition Background Tracks, so check back soon for them. You will NOT be permited to sing along with the DEMO tracks they are just to give you an idea of what previous performers have done in the past. PLEASE DO NOT JUST LOOK UP THE MOVIE OR BROADWAY VERSIONS OF THE SONGS. We are doing the SCHOOL VERSION of GREASE and many of the songs/keys/and arrangments have been altered to make our show more school friendly! If you learn the songs wrong now it will only make it harder for us to perform the show correctly.

    Please check back frequently this weekend as I will continue to upload more audition content, and as always plan to attend our student meeting on MONDAY 9/17 at 2:30p in the Choir Room. 

    The Parent Meeting will be held on MONDAY 9/17 at 7pm in the Auditorium! Hope to see you all there.






    Mr. Myers!

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  • Ad Sales / Schedules and More!

    Posted by DANIEL MYERS on 2/8/2018

    Hello Everyone,


    Attached is the e-copy of the Ad-Order form. Your students should have received a hard copy of this but apparently some of them didn’t make it home. Please review and fill out ASAP as the due date is fast approaching.


    Please be sure to review our schedule this week as our Broadway Cares performance will alter the schedule a bit. Also we are fast approaching our mandatory rehearsals. I appreciate everyone doing their best to be flexible and make the few bonus rehearsals we have been able to add. These extra Saturdays are only possible because of the amazing parent build/paint teams that have been knocking out our sets faster than expected. Mrs. Leo and I greatly appreciate those students who are able to make arrangements to attend. Please note the extended rehearsal times on Feb 20 and 21 (this has been the same since October) Tech week begins Feb 23rd. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GQ9ePgIzk73vUeg8LKL_Ojrx9AeBvyKANj2OT3umJ10


    Ticket Sales are now open to the public!!! Please be sure to order your tickets early to guarantee you get the seats you wanted! https://unamibbb.brownpapertickets.com


    Below is a copy of the email we sent out yesterday, not sure if it made it through to everyone, I spent the day trying to fix our bulk email list. Hope this works!



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