• 2019/2020 Jazz Ensemble

    Posted by DANIEL MYERS on 10/1/2019 3:00:00 PM

    Unami Competition

    Jazz Ensemble 2019-2020


    Hello Everyone, 

    First I want to say what an amazing job you all did on your auditions. We had almost 50 students submit audition videos for this years band. As many of you know the instrumentation of a competition jazz ensemble is fairly rigid and I had to make adjustments to certain sections based on the overall numbers. While a tradtional big band has around 18-20 members My goal each year is to keep the grouo to 25-30 however you will notice we are a bit larger this year, espeically in the Flute section. We will talk about what this means and how we will navigate this larger ensemble in the competition season but for now just be excited to begin!


    Please work on ALL of Minor Chant as that is our first tune of the season. The music is all avaiable on canvas through the audition link! 


    Flutes – Naomi S, Aadya G, Iris L, Sariah S, Lavanya  M, Gavin R, Simarpreet B

    Clarinet- Justin B, James S, Allyson B

    Alto 1 – Michael T

    Alto  2 – Anthony B, Alycia H

    Tenor 1 – Augustine C

    Tenor 2 – Michael B

    Bari Sax – Mohammed K


    Trombone 1 – Katrina B

    French Horn 1 – Mae S

    Trombone 2 – Helena C, Kiarra H

    Trombone 3 – Pierce G

    Trombone 4 – Ethan K


    Trumpet ©Sarah L

    Trumpet David A

    Trumpet πLukas K

    Trumpet Ellie M, Erin K


    Piano – Allie F

    Bass – Alexa H

    Vibes – Reeve K

    Drums – Diya H, Eddie S, Amanda G

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  • 2019/2020 Audition Information

    Posted by DANIEL MYERS on 9/4/2019

    Hello Everyone and Thank you for your interest in this years Competition Jazz Band!

    Please take the time to follow the steps below to prep and share a successful audition! The "Unami Competition Jazz Ensemble" is made up of some of the best instrumental musicians here at Unami. In order to keep the group progressing and playing high level music attendance is not optional at our rehearsals. You must be able to attend all rehearsals, and performances, unless given prior permission by Mr. Myers (Illness does not count as missing, I understand people get sick)

    However, if you elect to join this group I am giving you ALL DATES and rehearsals in writing NOW before your audition. That means if you make the group, you are committing to be at all the dates listed on the attached calendar. Each year you must audition (yes, even if you were in it last year) as I select the students who will best represent our school and our music program. 

    If you miss more than two rehearsals, and I feel like you are falling behind the band you MAY be asked to step down and allow someone whose schedule is more open the opportunity to play with the band.  

    Any member who misses a competition or live performance will not be eligible to attend our Dorney Park Trip on May 22nd. 

    STEP 1Review the Calendar (Links to an external site.) 

    STEP 2: Download the Audition Music (Links to an external site.) (Use the lead part for your section... i.e. Alto 1, Trumpet 1, Trombone 1, etc)

    STEP 3: Listen To the Song (Links to an external site.) (Like... 1,000 times if you can lol) 

    STEP 4: Practice Measures 9 through 41 (Make it sound as close to the recording as you can... in fact, play it with the recording over and over until it sounds just like it!!) 

    STEP 5: Record and Post your FlipGrid HERE (Links to an external site.) (Flip Code: UnamiJazz) Due day is 9/26/2019


    Good Luck Everyone, I can't wait to see all your videos! 

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  • 3/5 Email Update - Indian Valley

    Posted by DANIEL MYERS on 3/5/2019

    Hello Everyone,


    Just a quick email to pass along some reminder information, as well as ask a few quick questions of you our parents and students.


    1. We have been invited to Indian Valley’s Jazz fest on April 5th. This was not on the original schedule I sent out so it is not a mandatory performance however, I would love to go and support their festival. Could you please CLICK HERE to fill out a quick form answering if your students is able to attend?(please fill the form out as early as possible, I would like to let Indian Valley know as soon as possible It should only take 10 seconds! If enough of us can make it I will add it to the schedule.
    2. Tohickon Jazz Fest is on March 22nd, Tamanend is March 29th, Indian Valley (If we go) is April 5th, and our Home show is April 12th here at Unami!
    3. Please be sure that we continue to work hard on our competition tunes and get ready for out busy season to start up in just a few weeks.
    4. April 23rd will be the Unami Jazz school board appearance. We will perform just before the board meeting. This will be my first time doing something like this so details will come soon, by April 23rd we should be ready to rock and roll for anything!
    5. CLICK HERE for a link to our most updated jazz fest schedule!


    Mr. Daniel J. Myers


    CBSD Music Department

    Unami Middle School

    7th - 9th Band and Theater Director


    Phone: (267) 893 - 3400 ex. 3465

    Teacher WebSite Twitter: @CBSDUnamiBands 


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  • 2/19 and 2/22 UPDATE IMPORTANT

    Posted by DANIEL MYERS on 2/5/2019

    Hello Jazz Members and Parents,


    This email is PACKED with info so please read it carefully. We have a crazy week ahead and we missed our rehearsal last week due to snow, so we are a bit behind the 8 ball when it comes to preparing for our first competition at Upper Moreland Middle School on Friday 2/22. Please be sure you are working on all three songs


    1.) Wanna Be Like You

    2.) All Dem Leaves

    3.) Sister Sadie



    Tuesday Rehearsal 2/19 and Tuesday Night Performance 2/19 6:30pm:

    Dr. Watters and Mr. Boyle have asked us to perform for the 6th grade parent visitation this coming Tuesday at Unami. We will perform around 7:30 I would like all students to arrive by 6:30pm in their concert dress. We will use this opportunity as a practice for Friday's competition. Please do everything in your power to make arrangements to attend. This is an amazing opportunity for our band to help bring future musicians into our program. If you cannot attend please let me know ASAP so I can plan around your absence, or pull out of the performance. 


    Tuesdays after school rehearsal will only run from 2:30-3:30 in order for me to get to Grease Tech rehearsal. Having missed last week I need at least 1hour of time with the band to make sure we are ready for Tuesday night and Friday's competition.


    NOTE: Students who are members of Jazz Band AND Grease should plan to attend Jazz Band from 2:30-3:30 Grease from 3:30-5:30 and will be released an hour early from tech rehearsal to have time for dinner/change into their dress for the performance. There is a good chance I will be cutting Tuesdays Grease rehearsal short to accommodate Dr. Watters needs for the auditorium. 


    PLEASE CLICK HERE to fill our a quick Google Survey confirming you are able to attend or not attend Tuesday night. 




    Upper Moreland Jazz Fest Information 2/22:

    Transport: Currently I do not have a bus scheduled for this festival as we have a later warmup time so I felt having students arrive via their own means of transportation would be best. 

    Times: Students should arrive at Upper Moreland Middle School between 6:15pm-6:30pm. We have a 7:00pm Warm-Up time and will be onstage by 7:25pm. We will meet in our holding room at 6:30. 

    Dress Code: Standard Concert Dress, All black dress shirt, tie (mandatory for boys optional for ladies), black dress slacks, black belt, black dress shoes (NO SNEAKERS)

    Gear: I will need some help transporting gear, if anyone is willing to help transport our Drum set, keyboards, or mallet instruments please let me know ASAP so we can come up with a plan for pickup.  


    Last but not least... Thank you


    I know this is a crazy time of year, and navigating all of the Band/Theater/School things is crazy. But it is your continued commitment these programs that helps make Unami's Performing Arts program so amazing. I greatly appreciate all that you do as students and parents to make these events possible. 



    Mr. Daniel J. Myers


    CBSD Music Department

    Unami Middle School

    7th - 9th Band and Theater Director


    Phone: (267) 893 - 3400 ex. 3465

    Teacher WebSite Twitter: @CBSDUnamiMusic 

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  • Competition Jazz Members

    Posted by DANIEL MYERS on 9/26/2018 2:30:00 PM

    Hello All,

    First off, sorry for the delay in posting! I have had heard so many awesome auditions this past week it has been a challenge to get this list finalized. With that said, if you name is NOT on this list I hope to see you at Lab Band on Thrusday (9/4). Based on the talent and skill demonstrated at last weeks auditions I expect Lab Band to be a whole new level of awesome this year as well! 


    Congradulations Comp Band Members:

    Instrument Student Name    
    Flute Abby Tsai Naomi Shin Addya Gattu
    Clarinet Cade Jin Jaesung Bin  
    Alto 1 Ben Zhang    
    Alto 2 Anthony Bucuy    
    Tenor 1 Michael Rehmet    
    Tenor 2 Augustine Cho    
    Bari Saxophone  Muhammed Khan    
    Trumpet 1/2 Samuel Hedrick    
    Trumpet 1/2 Hans Bode    
    Trumpet 3 David Arnoldi Katrina Breuer  
    Trumpet 4 Sarah Luglio Lukas Kreckman  
    Trombone 1 Dylan Waddell    
    Trombone 2 Mae Schofield  Tim Corson  
    Trombone 3 Ethan Kennedy    
    Piano Allie Fosnot Luke Seidel Michael Terkanian
    Bass Alexa Haidacher    
    Guitar 1 Sheryas Ramkumar    
    Guitar 2 Gabby Mayo    
    Mallets Julia Schofield Marcus Turturro  
    Drumset Edward Song    
    Drumset Diya Hundiwala    
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  • 2018 Audition Information

    Posted by DANIEL MYERS on 9/6/2018

    Hello All! 

    As you should all be aware, our 2018 Competition Jazz Ensemble Auditions are September 20th after school. Please see the "Welcome Bach To Band" board in the music room to signup for an audition slot. 

    Boppin' Around - Listening/Practice Track

    Boppin' Around SOLO DEMO Track

    Thanks so much for your interest in this years Competition Jazz Ensemble! See you on the 20th

    -Mr. Myers

    Schedule and Audition Information

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  • 2018 Jazz Band Dates

    Posted by DANIEL MYERS on 8/30/2018

    Hello Everyone!

    PLEASE CLICK HERE and review the 2018-2019 Jazz Competition Band Schedule. Students must be able to attend all performances and may only miss 3 rehearsals if they wish to be a member of the Comp Band. ALL Students are required to audition each year. This years audition will be held on September 20th from 2:30 to 5:00. Audition materials will be available early next week!

    -Mr. Myers

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  • Welcome 2018-2019 Jazz Musicians!

    Posted by DANIEL MYERS on 8/26/2018

    Audition Material will be posted here the first week of school! 

    2018-2019 Jazz Auditions will be held September 20th from 2:30pm to 4:30pm. Please see me for a signup sheet located in the band room! 


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  • Jazz Update

    Posted by DANIEL MYERS on 4/5/2018

    Hello Everyone,


    Working on a few things to raise some more money for our Instrumental music program and thought a Jazz Breakfast at Applebee’s in Doylestown on June 2nd from 7:30 to 10:30. Applebee’s provides Coffee, Tea, Juice, and Pancakes all for just $2.50 a person. We can sell tickets for $10 and I was hoping the Jazz Band could perform all their music they learned this year during breakfast. I haven’t officially booked this yet as I need to see if we have enough students who could attend to run it. Please CLICK HERE and fill out this online form so I can see who is able to attend before moving forward.



    We nee to bring a Drum Kit, Keyboard, Keyboard Amp, Bass Amp, and Guitar Amp.  I can fit the drum kit, keyboard, and keyboard amp in my car, but was hoping Alex Spear and Eddie Kenna could bring their own amps for Friday. Due to the layout of their festival they don’t have enough equipment to set a full rhythm section on stage. Please send me an email to confirm




    Please arrive around 9:40am. The Clinic BEGINS at 10am and Ms. Steen would like all students to be seated with their instruments out and ready by 10! Thanks!


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  • To-Jam Info

    Posted by DANIEL MYERS on 3/22/2018

    Hello Everyone! 


    Hope you have all made it though another monster storm and have been able to dig out and get yourselves ready for tomorrows Jazz Fest at Tohickon! Here are the details for tomorrow. 


    After School Rehearsal: (Students said they wanted one extra rehearsal before the show) 2:30 to 3:30


    Songs: Dusk To Dawn, Sway, My Favorite Things (Little Sunflower is on deck incase dusk is not quite ready!)


    Dress Code: All Black Concert Dress Code (we will decided on tie choice tomorrow at 2:30 but bring a black tie to be safe)


    Call Time: 6:00pm @ Tohickon (NO BUS FOR IN DISTRICT EVENTS) 


    Warm Up: 6:30pm 


    Performance Time: 7:00pm 


    We open the show, which is great because we get to set the bar for everyone else. Lets show them how far Unami Jazz has come this year and put on another great show! Can't wait to see you all there, thanks for all you do to help your students prepare! 


    Mr. Daniel J. Myers


    CBSD Music Department

    Unami Middle School

    7th - 9th Band and Theater Director


    Phone: (267) 893 - 3400 ex. 3465

    Teacher WebSite Twitter: @CBSDUnamiMusic 

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