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    I will be using Twitter this school year in order to keep you updated on the amazing things happening in our Third Grade Classroom! I will post pictures, videos and important reminders throughout the year on this platform. A permission slip will be sent home during the first week of school to give you the option of allowing your child to appear on the classroom twitter page. This will be a unique way for you to share in our classroom experiences and be able to view your child learning each and every day.....without you being physically present in the classroom! 


    If you already have a twitter account you can follow me @cblitoub! If you would like to set up an account, please click on the PDF below and follow the directions to get started!


    If you do not want an account but want to be able to view my tweets click on this weblink: https://twitter.com/cblitoub


    I will be discussing more about this on Back to School Night! I am excited for this opportunity to share your child's learning with you!


    Twitter Getting Started Directions- PDF