• Welcome to 2nd Grade 

    Hi Friends,

    I am very excited to welcome you to second grade! There are so many interesting topics and experiences in our future. In Science, we will study rocks, sound, and animal habitats. Do you know what a tapir eats? In Social Studies, we will learn about maps, communities, and Native American life. Have you ever played The Hand Game? We will grow as readers, and we will write in many different ways. In Math, we will find patterns and use place value to solve real life problems. We are going on a fun journey together!!

    We will take a snack break each morning.   Please bring a healthy snack and water bottle.  We always drink water at snack time.  

    Enjoy the summer!  Get outside. There's something new to learn in every experience. Have fun and be safe.  Make sure you do some reading, writing, and math so that you are "warmed up" and ready to start the new school year!! I LOVE coming to school each and every day, and I am really looking forward to our year together! 

    Warmest regards,

    Mrs. Scherr