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    Welcome to the Holicong Orchestra!

    You will find information about our Orchestra, materials, expectations, and more. Please consult my calendar page for our rehearsal and concert schedule. 


    Holicong Orchestra Handbook 2019-20



    Grading Policy:

    Class Performance & Preparation

    Meeting weekly playing goals through practice.
    Arriving prepared for rehearsal with instrument, folder, music, and a pencil.
    Contributing individual effort and focus toward group success.
    Contributing to class conversation and reflection.
    Rehearsal & Concert Skills 
     After School Rehearsals and Concerts.

    Performance & Technology Assessments

    Written assignments, concert reflections, theory work, and reading assignments.
    Performance Exams and Quizzes.


    Private Lessons
    While it is not required that students take private lessons, it is an option to consider and highly recommended. Some students study privately to supplement the progress we make in class. Working one on one with a teacher is the BEST way to improve your playing. A list of local private teachers is available upon request.


    Orchestra Members should ALWAYS be practicing!
    Assessment Book
    Concert Music
    --what you should focus on while practicing!

    Concert Repertiore

    Will be listed here 

    shoulder rest  
    Need a Shoulder Rest?
     A sponge with a rubber band will do, but I recommend KUN, Wolf, Everest, Mach One and Artino shoulder rests.  They take all the tension out of playing and totally help you hold your instrument correctly.  
    If you play viola and you are actually playing a violin with viola strings, be sure to get the right violin shoulder rest!   
    You can find shoulder rests at Music and Arts Center (next to Staples in Doylestown) and online in lots of locations:

    Clip-On Tuners are very helpful when learning to tune your own instrument!

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    Purchasing an Instrument?
    Be sure to look here FIRST!

    **Parents,Orchestra members are not allowed to keep their instruments at Holicong long-term. You should see (and hear) their instrument at home on a regular basis as they always have music to practice.  Holicong Middle School and the Central Bucks School District will not be responsible for missing or damaged instruments.


    Need a repair?

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