• Assignment: Slab Cylinders

    Handout & Bisque Rubric



    Demonstrate understanding of ceramic techniques in the creation of a quality slab constructed, functional object:
    1.  Design a functional clay object utilizing a cylinder form

    2.  Create a rectangular template based on your design

    3.  Roll a slab of clay using the slab roller

    Extra Enrichment Option: add texture to your flat slab by pressing found objects or carving detail.  

              4.  Cut your clay slab using your template as a guide
              5.  Bevel the edges of your rectangle and roll up your slab so the edges meet evenly at the bevel
              6.  Slip and score your seam, then compress and drag across to connect
              7.  Trace and cut a circular bottom that your cylinder will sit on; attach it the same way you did in step 6
              8.  Construct of carve extras for your functional objects (handles, feet, negative space, etc.)
    9.  Smooth all final details of your piece and allow for drying10.  Neatly and intentionally glaze the final product