•                                                             Mrs. Rothman


    Mrs. Rothman grew up mostly in northeast Philadelphia.  She did, however, live for two years in a small town in southeastern Washington State, along the Columbia River (and 60 miles from Mount St. Helens, who blew her top just two years after she moved back to Philly!).  She was fortunate to have had the opportunity to see much of our country as a child, as her family had an RV and they spent two weeks moving across the country and took a different route back home.  They also traveled extensively throughout Washington, Oregon, and California while living out west.  This opportunity instilled a love of travel (as well as a great deal of geographical knowledge) in Mrs. Rothman.  There was no GPS back then; she had to read maps to figure out where she was!

    Mrs. Rothman graduated from Brandeis University with a BA in French Language and Literature and an Elementary Education Teaching Certificate in 1988.  She also studied at the Sorbonne in Paris for a semester.  She got a Master's in Education, specializing in Language Arts.  Then later she went back to school for her "plus 30,"  24 credits of which were administrative work.  In 1999, she earned her Administrative Certificate.  However, she quickly realized that she would miss the children terribly were she to leave the classroom.  And she still feels the same way!!  

    She  began her teaching career near her childhood home, and then worked for an additional 5 years in Hunting Park (in inner-city Philadelphia) before coming to Central Bucks in 1995.

    She initially taught first grade, which she loved for 10 years.  She looped up to second and remained there for 5 years. She did not want to leave second grade, but was asked to move up to third grade.  She taught third grade with a wonderful team of teachers for 9 years, before being asked to move up to fifth grade in 2013.  She has been there ever since.

    Mrs. Rothman LOVES fifth grade for MANY reasons.  It is wonderful to be able to have deep conversations about books and topics related to what the class is reading. The topics studied in science and social studies are important for all people to understand.  Watching students apply math concepts to real-world situations and persevere through tough problems is gratifying.  The kids have a stronger sense of self, and are capable of making positive changes and/or celebrating their efforts.  She could go on, but you get the gist! 

    Personally, Mrs. Rothman has been married since 1993 to her husband, Dr. Alan Rothman, who is a retired teacher/staff developer.  They have two imperfect but terrific kids.  Ally  (who graduated from North Penn HS in June of 2017), is attending West Chester University as a biomedical laboratory major, and is hoping to do her senior year internship at PENN.  Hannah, who just graduated in 2019, is also attending West Chester, and is in an accelerated accounting/statistics bachelors/masters program.   Mrs. Rothman is into scrapbooking, sculpting, reading, volunteering (she just finished an extreme 6-year stint with the marching band),  and traveling (when she can!!)   Those travels have included 35 US states, parts of Canada, Mexico, Carribean islands, a summer in Israel, two weeks in Asia, and travel throughout France, Spain, Belgium, England, Scotland, Italy, Malta, Greece, and the Netherlands.  She also loves the Jersey shore!   But she was most exicted recently when she rescued a wonderful dog named Benji.  He is the love of the family!  These experiences have proven helpful in sharing what life is like in other places with her students. 

    Please feel free at any time to reach out any time with questions or concerns about your student.  She is happy to help in any way!