Student Choice Points: Out of 25 Points Total

  • 1. Wind Band Composer/Piece Assignment (1 per marking period)

    1. Choose a Wind Band Composer and at least one piece that they have written. Examples of composers could be anyone from John Phillip Sousa, to Percy Grainger, to John Mackey. Feel free to ask me if you need help picking a composer.
    2. Write a short paragraph about the composer, something you learned about them.
    3. Go to YouTube, and find a college or professional ensemble playing one of their pieces. Listen to the piece, and write about why you picked the piece. What do you like about it? What does it make you think of? What instrument do you think has the hardest part?
    4. Due by the end of the marking period.
    5. Worth 5pts.


    2. White Sheet

    1. A white sheet is a written assignment (like an essay) that a band member completes that allows them to share their thoughts, opinions, suggestions, commentary, ideas, hopes, dreams, fears, emotional connections to the music, life stories, etc....
    2. In general, there is NO prompt (although I may suggest an idea or two) You provide your own prompt based on what you have experienced in band rehearsals and performances, as well as what you have experienced in your own life. In providing this information to me, you assist me in structuring a more personal band experience for each band member in the hopes of making a better class for everyone.
    3. The only real RULE when you write a white sheet is that I am NOT interested in having you write your opinions about whether or not you LIKE or DISLIKE a particular piece of music. If you want to write about your performance preferences or interpretations, that is fine, but do not write a white sheet assignment that only tells me that you like or dislike pieces of music we are playing.
    4. There is no specific length requirements, but the White Sheet is only effective if it is long enough to SHARE your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, stories, educational experiences, etc. A White Sheet that is only a few sentences is generally NOT in line with this goal.
    5. 1 per marking period
    6. Worth 5pts.


    3. In School Practice Session

    1. A student can stay after school and practice to earn points for their Student Choice Grade
    2. Practice sessions must be a minimum of 30 minutes of ACTUAL playing/practicing time.
    3. Students must fill out the verification form and turn it in. Forms can be found under the Award Plaques near the locker room. 
    4. Worth 5 pts. per session. 


    4. Full Ensemble Student Choice Rehearsal: THE EASIEST WAY TO EARN POINTS! Attend an after school rehearsal scheduled by the director (does not include the required dress rehearsals for performances).   

    • Grade :  20 Pts (Graded on attendance of a 90 minute rehearsal. Pts may be reduced/pro-rated at director discretion for attendance of less than the complete rehearsal time)
    • Limit:  Only available when a group rehearsal is scheduled


    5. Extra Credit

    1. Students will be able to earn points as different tasks and opportunities come up throughout the year.
    2. Given at the discretion of the director.