• Seesaw Portfolio

    The students have been hard at work learning and documenting their progress using the Seesaw app. This year we are doing things a bit different with our portfolios. As opposed to sending a big binder with lots of papers your child has been maintaining an online portfolio using Seesaw.

    Many of you have accessed this and are aware of the valuable information this gives you about what your child is working on in class, right now. This year you will not see a big binder coming home. Instead your child will bring home the district math baselines from Sept and March as well as their opinion pre-prompt, published piece, and post-prompt, along wth their reflection and goal sheets, in a large envelope. Once you preview those materials return them to school.

    This is a student centered conference, your child will take you through their highlights and developing areas. We will also revisit the goals set in November and look at new goals for the final marking period. This is a great day for the kids to share what they know and celebrate their success. I look forward to meeting with all of you. Please contact me if you have any questions.

    Mrs. Stacey Pedersen

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