Free Act 48 Hour Courses: Out-of-Districtact 48

    Here are 2 resources where you can take courses and obtain several Act 48 hours.


    1. The Standards Aligned System (SAS):  This site was developed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, is a comprehensive, researched-based resource to improve student achievement. These courses are free and are open to anyone who has an Act 48 eligible PPID. Here are the directions:

    • Please go to www.pdesas.orgsas
    •  Login in at the top right side of the screen
    • Then click “My SAS” at the top right
    • Click the “PD Center” Icon in the drop down menu under your name
    • You will need to provide your login information again
    • After logging in to the PD center, click the menu at the top right side of the screen and select “Course Catalog/Registration
    • You will see C. Danielson courses and general PD courses. For the Danielson Courses, you will need to click the “+ sign” to drill down and view the courses available. Click “options to preview and/or register for the course”
    • Courses typically range from 5 hours to 30 hours of Act 48 credit so be sure to look at the hours before selecting the course or course in which you’d like to participate.If you need assistance with registering for online SAS courses, the SAS Help Desk is available to provide you with support by phone (1.877.973.3727 ) or via email (helpdesk@pdesas.org).

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    2. Bucks County Moodle Community