Plate Tectonics
  • Volcano Project

    Since the final section of our Earth’s Changing Surface unit is the study of volcanoes, you have a unique opportunity for creating your own explosion! The assignment is simple: build a model volcano. The specifics are listed below.

    1. You may work alone, with a partner, or in a group of 3. Three people working together is the maximum number. You may choose your partners for this!
    2. Your model volcano must be brought into school by Monday, November 20th!
    3. Please bring in all materials necessary for a demonstration eruption of your volcano.
    4. Upon completion, your volcano will become property of the Fisher Experimental Science Corporation. Model volcanoes will be used to demonstrate the different types of eruptions at school. They will not be returned.
    5. In addition to your model, you must research to identify which type of volcano you have modeled (shield, cinder cone, or composite). You must write a two-paragraph description of your type of volcano and include what type of eruption we would expect from a volcano like yours.
    6. This is your final project for our Earth Changing Surfaces Unit! Have a good time creating.
    7. Hint: Look online for directions to “build your own model volcano.” We searched on Google and found hundreds of sample directions, some easy and some more challenging.
    8. Have fun creating, building, and most importantly learning about volcanoes!
    9. Volcano eruptions will be demonstrated in class on November 20th.


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