• Assignment: Pointillism Mugs
    Students will explore Pointillism and ceramic arts in the creation of an individualized mug. In doing so, students must:

    □  View historical and modern artworks that demonstrate Pointillism 

    □  Design a mug, inspired by this particular type of mark making 

    □  Roll a slab of clay, and cut into a rectangle for a cylinder
    □  Slip and score to attach the cylinder together, and smooth the seam
    □  Cut the base of the mug with a circle template, and slip and score to attach
    □  Create a handle, and allow it to dry to leatherhard  
    □  Slip and score handle to the cylinder cup, and smooth the seam
    □  Write name (first and last) and period on the bottom   
    □  Smooth any unintentional marks with a sponge, hands, or tool
    □  After bisque firing, add glaze/underglaze details carefully, wiping away any glazing mistakes with a clean sponge
    □  Wipe the bottom of the piece free of all glaze upon completion of mug glazing
    □  Complete Vocab, Reflection, and Self-Assessment Rubric
     Bisque Rubric Preview