• Pennsylvania FBLA


    What are the competitive events resources available to help prepare?


    Students and advisers seek resources to help prepare for competitive events. The following are suggestions of resources to use:


    1. Go to the PA FBLA web page www.pafbla.org    – competitive events section.

    a. Click on each event’s title for a complete set of guidelines for the event. It is essential that all competitors review the guidelines for their events.

    b. In that same area, review the “competencies” for the event. That identifies the objective test content or the performance content for which the student should prepare.

    c. For the RLC, make sure students refer to the PA FBLA competitive events guidelines; do not refer to the national guidelines.

    2. Search for resources on the web. They are out there; it is a matter of finding them.

    a. A google search for “FBLA tests” turns up multiple resources. Be careful, though, that you are not tricked into providing information at a phishing site.

    3. Use materials available through your school’s book publishers such as test generators, etc.


    4. Use the National FBLA online reference guide for the competitive events: http://www.fbla-pbl.org/fbla/competitive-events/guide/.  In this area, you will find:

    a. Competencies

    b. Sample Practice Materials

    c. Common Core Crosswalk

    d. YouTube Videos of Performances, if available


    5. Go to the national FBLA marketplace – www.fblamarketplace.com


    a.            The National FBLA marketplace offers multiple resources that many local chapters can purchase and “download” for immediate use.

    b.            FBLA Competitive Events Study Guide – 2013-16 Edition -- #FB5007, $35.00


    c.             FBLA 1st Place NLC Winning Reports – 2015 NLC Edition -- #FB5005, $35.00


    d.            FBLA 2nd Place NLC Winning Reports – 2015 NLC Edition -- #FB5006, $35.00


    e.            There are various events that are available on DVD that contain video of performance components of certain events; all DVDs are $29.95.

    i. Help Desk

    ii. Client Service (great for the RLC)

    iii. Banking and Financial Systems

    iv. Management Decision Making

    v. Management Information Systems

    vi. Parliamentary Procedure

    vii. Emerging Business Issues (great for the RLC)

    viii. Global Business

    ix. Network Design


    6. From the national FBLA marketplace – www.fblamarketplace.com  – the following are available for digital download for pricing ranging from $22.95 to $29.95:

    a. Complete Print Study Guide

    b. Business Presentation

    c. Computer Game and Simulation Programming

    d. Digital Video Production

    e. Partnership with Business Project

    f. Business Plan


    If there are any discrepancies between what is written in this document and the PA FBLA Policy/Leadership Handbook’s Competitive Event Guidelines, the written guidelines always supersede anything which in this document.