• Fall Follow-up Requirements:
    In a Word Document, please answer the following questions and save this to your dropbox folder by October 15, 2016 :
    1. Up to this point, describe 1-2 activities you have used with your students to help introduce Growth Mindset/Grit.
    2. How have you conveyed information regarding your classroom focus on grit, resiliency, perseverance, etc. to parents?
    3. Has this changed the way you look at challenges in anyway?  Have you become more conscious of your thoughts and actions during times of challenge and stress?  If so, please describe here.
    4. What are your next steps to help make grit overt, concrete, and accessible to your students?
     *If possible, please email when you are complete (sdailey@cbsd.org) so your trade-in day can be marked in the system.