• Tuck Everlasting: Choices

    Posted by LISA PRENDERGAST on 2/28/2017



    We have reached a pivotal point in the story (Mae hit and killed TMITYS) and are now getting close to the climax and resolution (end) of the story. The events leading to the climax have been rather interesting. Winnie is now feeling like an independent girl; a sense of freedom from her trapped, protective life. This change has given her the confidence to help Mae escape from jail before Mae is sent to the gallows. If Winnie and the Tuck family cannot save Mae, the secret about the spring will be known by all.


    Do you think the spring should be kept a secret or not?


    Things to think about before you react:


    Think about Tuck’s Words of the Wiser (Chapter 12) and his feelings about people finding out about living forever. Think about Miles’ Words of the Wiser (Chapter 17) and his thoughts about people living forever. Now decide for yourself if it would be a curse or a blessing for everyone to find out about the magical water that makes people live forever.

    Your response should include at least 4 sentences. Don’t forget to be in the RACES and use text evidence.

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  • Tuck Everlasting: The Wheel of Life

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    This chapter is a perfect example of Natalie Babbit’s descriptive writing style, and her use of figurative language. For example, she uses a metaphor to compare life to a wheel that keeps turning and turning, filled with animals, nature and people. The wheel is always changing and growing with new animals, nature and people. The wheel keeps turning and turning as we grow, as we get older and when we die. Tuck’s message to Winnie is powerful as he compares his eternal life (living forever) to a rock. “You can’t call it living, what we got. We just are, we just be, like rocks beside the road.” Clearly he is not happy about living forever! He warns Winnie that other people must not find out about the spring that makes it possible to live forever. What message about living forever does he want Winnie to understand, and why doesn’t he want other people to know about this magical water? 


    This is a thick question, Class, you may want to reread page 62 and 64 closely as you infer Tuck’s message about living forever and the consequences if others find out. Your response should include at least 3 sentences. Don’t forget RACE and use text evidence (love to see quotes!)



    ***This question has 2 parts…read it carefully

    I must admit I am most excited to read your responses! Read between the lines, and DIG DEEP!

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  • Tuck Everlasting Chapters 7-8

    Posted by LISA PRENDERGAST on 2/8/2017

    Chapters 7 and 8 have certainly proved to be eventful! Now that we know why the Tucks kidnapped Winnie, let’s think more deeply about Winnie’s response to the kidnapping. Specifically, react to the following quote from Chapter 8, bottom of page 44:


    “And Winnie, laughing at him, lost the last of her alarm. They were friends, her friends. She was running away after all, but she was not alone. Closing the gate on her oldest fears as she had closed the gate of her own fenced yard, she discovered the wings she’d always wished she had. And all at once she was elated…The sweet earth opened its wide four corners to her like the petals of a flower ready to be picked, and it shimmered with light and possibility till she was dizzy with it.”


    Things to think about before you react:


    Think about how Winnie felt in the beginning of the story, how she felt trapped by her parents and Grandmother, how she was never allowed to leave her fenced yard. Why might she be enjoying this experience? What figurative language device does the author, Babbitt, use that makes this paragraph come alive?


    Your response should include at least 3 sentences. Don’t forget to RAP and use text evidence.

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  • Bullying Unit: Quote shared by Owen

    Posted by LISA PRENDERGAST on 1/5/2017

    Post your reactions to the following quote, written by Bell Hooks, and shared by Owen:

    Sometimes people try to destroy you, precisely because they recognize your power- not because they don't see it, but because they see it and they don't want it to exist.

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  • Escaping the Giant Wave Chapters 1-6

    Posted by LISA PRENDERGAST on 9/13/2016



    Now that we have completed reading the first six chapters, let's think more deeply about the characters, their conflicts, and how their thinking may change things.


    From the beginning of this story, the author introduces an internal conflict Kyle faces: how to stop Daren’s bullying. However, Kyle now faces another conflict, an external one: should he stay with Daren by the beach away from the woods and risk a tsunami, or should he take BeeBee up the hill away from the possible tsunami, but closer to the fire? Think about the two conflicts, and how the author uses these conflicts to build suspense.


    Signpost Alert!!! Kyle had an AHA moment: “If no tsunami comes, I’ll never hear the end of this. Daren will tell every kid at Edison School that I ran away while he was brave.”  How might this realization change things?


    Your response should include at least 3 sentences. Don’t forget to think about RACES; use text evidence to support your thinking, and discuss what the evidence means. (Blue card phrases)


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