• Math in Focus

    In fourth grade,  Math in Focus lessons emphasize developing a conceptual understanding of math.  Concepts are taught by moving through a sequence of activities that develop understanding from concrete to pictorial to abstract.  Students develop concrete understanding through hands-on activities with manipulatives such as counters, coins, or base ten blocks.  Pictorial understanding happens through pictures, drawings, or other forms of illustrations. Then, concepts are practiced in the abstract with numbers and symbols. 


    Students can access homework assignments through the Ed -Your Friend in Learning app through Classlink.  Students can search by the current chapter and lesson to print pages from the homework workbook.  


    Chapter 1:  Working with Whole Numbers

    Chapter 2: Multiplication and Division

    Chapter 3: Fractions and Mixed Numbers

    Chapter 4: Decimals

    Chapter 9: Tables and Line Graphs

    Chapter 6: Area and Perimeter

    Chapter 7: Angles and Line Segments

    Chapter 8: Polygons and Symmetry

    Chapter 5: Conversion of Measurements