Ceramics I

  • Units:

    1. Elements and Principles Overview

    2. Pinch Construction: Tealight Lantern or Rattle Sphere

    3. Coil Unit: Textured Vessel inspired by Nature

    4. Slab Unit: Aztec inspired Tissue Box Cover (Sgraffito)

    5. Slab & Modeling Unit: Smartphone Amp Docking Station

    6. Combo Technique Unit: Breakfast Set or Global Impact Sculpture

    7. Empty Bowl Food Bank Project (Donate to Charity) 

    8. Basket Weaving (Non- Ceramics Assignment)

  • Course Description: This course is worth 1.0 credit and meets for 90 minutes everyday for 18 weeks.

    This is a beginning level course that emphasizes the application of two- and three-dimensional design principles in the media of ceramics. Students will focus on hand-built methods of ceramic production, while producing a wide variety of functional and decorative pieces.

    Students will also explore the significance of clay to human development through their study of Art History, Art Criticism, Aesthetics, and Philosophy. A variety of topics and experiences will provide students with a foundation for further in-depth course work in ceramics.

    This course is the required prerequisite for Ceramics 2. There is a $20 studio fee for materials.
    The historical focus of this course is based on Meso-America. Students will learn about the culture, customs and artwork of these cultures. These cultures may include but are not limited to: the Incans, Mayans, Peruvians and Aztecs.