• Assignment: Creature Creations 
    Pixar Character Design
    Explore character design strategies used by major companies like Disney-Pixar and character artists. Learn to model and sculpt your own creature using handbuilding techniques in clay. In doing so, you must:

    □       Sculpt 2 same-sized pinch pots, and slip & score them together

    □       Using the round form from this hollow pinch pot sculpture, design a creature in your sketchbook (you may flatten the bottom of your clay form and alter the shape in any way)

    □       Work from your sketchbook design, and add your creature’s features by slipping, scoring, carving, etc.

    □       Smooth and refine details in the clay, poke a hole in the hollow area/s, and add your name to the bottom

    □       After bisque firing your clay model, carefully add glaze details to finish the creature