• Assignment: Custom Key Chains 


    Understand the impact new technology has on art making, industrial design and traditional crafts, by creating custom key chains, pendants, and/or dog tags. In doing so, you must:

    □        Select & Design 2 Pieces from the Following Options:  

    o   Slab Constructed Form, Flat or Curved

    o  Hollow Form, Building around an Armature (cheeseball, Creative Paper Clay, etc.) 

    o   *Hollow Form with Slab-Built Construction around Air*

    □       For both pieces, use a rolling pin and 5 cards to roll slabs of PMC

    □        Add texture using modeling tools, found objects, and/or foam board

    □        On the back of your piece, carve your trademark

    □        Smooth the edges of each piece with sandpaper

    □        Attach a *bail using slip*, or poke a hole through each piece

    □        *Use a Jewelry Saw to add Negative Space*

    □        Once fired, use finishing, Burnishing, and *Patina techniques* to enhance details and then attach to your chain

    □       *Extra* Design Options: Add Rivet/s, Color/Patina, Additional Gemstones, and/or Twisted Wire Details