• Assignment: Act Natural! Organic Forms 

    Explore artists’ techniques for using soft clay slabs to construct organic forms and structures. Sculpt your own large-scale, functional object using soft slabs. In doing so, you must:

    □       Design a form inspired by Chihuly's organic glass sculptures

    □       Roll a slab of clay using the slab roller, or rolling pins and slats

    □       Smooth the slab using a rib tool or sponge

    □       Add your texture to the surface of the clay

    □       Cut your slab using a fettling knife or exacto knife, and sculpt your clay form

    □       Attach any sections of clay by slipping and scoring

    □       *Extra*  add feet or carve negative space

    □       Smooth attachments and touch up texture where necessary

    □      Glaze your sculpture, wipe the bottom of your piece so it is free from glaze