• Assignment: Altered Books
    * Due:  1st Week in January *
    This ongoing assignment should be addressed by students at multiple points in the semester. When a student is done a project early, or has Open Studio time, the altered book should be made a top priority.  Students select a book for alteration in the first week of class; *This should be a book supplied by Ms. Bongiorno, or a book that the student has permission to use and alter.*

    Demonstrating quality art making techniques, select and execute at least 5 out of the 10 options for altering your book:

    1. *Cover Relief Sculpture (*will count for 3 "options")
    2.  Illustration/Drawing  
    3.  Other 2D Media (paint, collage materials, ink, etc.) 
    4.  Cut Page/s 
    5.  Folded Page/s 
    6.  Annotated Page/s
    7.  Stenciled Page/s 
    8.  Handmade Envelope or Pocket 
    9.  Found Objects 
    10.  Other (conference briefly with Ms. Bongiorno for approval)