Writer's Notebook

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              I am extremely excited about the writing that will take place in our classroom this year. As all good writers know, most writers get their ideas from their own lives. Each of us will need a safe place to put all of our “seed ideas.” The “notebook” is a place to jot down memories, observations, experiences, thoughts, wonderings, dreams, beautiful language, words of mentor authors, research, photos, etc.

              I am asking the students to purchase a Writer’s Notebook. This is not just any notebook, though. It is not the kind you normally think of when you hear the word “notebook.” It should be sturdy, in that it will be taken back and forth from school and home, and perhaps several other places. It might not look like your other notebooks, but it certainly can be a standard marble notebook, too.  To quote a character from Jean Little’s Hey World Here I Am, “Getting a notebook is like buying shoes. You have to find the one that fits. And you are the only person who can tell if it pinches.”


    Good luck in your search for the right book for you!


    Ms. McCullion