• Helpful Hints for Room 10:

    Classroom Happenings:  I will be sending a brief weekly update via email each Friday morning.  It will provide you with information about what we are learning as well as upcoming classroom events.  Please also use the SeeSaw app to see photos of what is going on in room 10 and to see and hear your child's work samples!  You can follow me on Twitter @CBqhofmann, too.

    Keep in Touch:  The best way to reach me is via email (qhofmann@cbsd.org).  I will get back to you as soon as I can.  However, feel free to call the main office or leave me a voicemail and we can find a mutually convenient time to chat.  Of course, old fashioned "snail mail" or a note in your child's homework book works just fine, too.  

    Absences/Tardies:  For your child's absence to be considered excused, a note is needed to explain his or her absence or lateness.  If you would rather send an email, I will be glad to forward that to the office.  Your child will get caught up on work that he or she misses upon returning to school.

    Birthdays:  We love to celebrate the special days of our classmates!  Central Bucks no longer encourages food treats to celebrate birthdays.  However, parents are welcome to come and read the class a book or send in a small item (for example pencils or erasers) to mark a child's birthday.  

    Snack:  We will be having snack each day.  I will have extra snacks in case your child forgets.  Due to food allergies, please make sure that your child's morning snack is PEANUT and TREE NUT FREE!  

    Lunch:  Please make sure that your child's lunchbag is clearly labeled with his or her name and room 10. If your child is buying lunch, please send lunch money to school in a labeled envelope or baggie.

    Homework:  Your child will have homework Monday through Thursday nights. In second grade, it should take approximately 20 minutes.  Please refer to your child's homework book for daily assignments and important reminders about upcoming assessments and events.  I will check each child's homework book after they have copied the assignments, and I ask that you initial your child's homework book each night.

    Invitations:  Your child is welcome to bring invitations into school if the whole class is invited.  This helps to prevent broken hearts.  For privacy reasons, I cannot give out email addresses, home addresses or phone numbers, but the Gayman Directory can be accessed online.

    Star of the Week:  Each child will have a week to be our STAR!  Please have your child complete the pages that will come home ahead of time.  The 2nd graders are welcome to add pictures and drawings to make them personal.  Also, when your child is our star, he or she should bring in a favorite book to share with the class and a special item that will help us get to know him or her better.  We are looking forward to shining the spotlight on your son or daughter!