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    Dear Boys and Girls,

    Welcome to third grade and to our classroom, Room 102. I saw so many of you in the hallway last year and have heard great things about you from your second grade teachers. I am excited to get to know you this year. Third grade is going to be a lot of fun! For many students, third grade is one of their favorite school years.  You will learn and practice many new things this year including multiplication, division, cursive handwriting, and more. Some of our units of study are Life Cycles, Economics, Maps and Globes, and The Solar System. You will have the opportunity to raise your very own butterfly when we study life cycles and collect data from a motion detector as part of a motion project.

    I hope you are having a wonderful summer. I am definitely enjoying mine. The best part for me has been being able to spend time with my family including Mr. Moelter and our two sons, Owen and Noah.  A list of the main supplies that you will need for third grade can be found on Jamison’s website www.cbsd.org/schools/jamison. Please ask your mom or dad to help you label all of your school supplies (including each of your pencils) with your name or initials using your thin Sharpie. Labeling pencils might sound silly, but it helps us to return supplies that end up on the floor and around the classroom.

    I look forward to meeting you at Jamison’s Meet and Greet, a time for you to locate your classroom and for us to meet one another. If you cannot attend because you will be away or because your mom and dad will be at work, DON’T WORRY...I’ll see you on the first day of school! On the first day of school, please bring a book to read and also a snack.   In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your summer. I will see you soon.



    Mrs. Moelter