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Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Stuart Wyss

Mr. Wyss has been teaching for more than twenty-four years.  Prior to teaching in CB, he worked in Palisades and Pennridge School Districts.  Originally from England, Mr. Wyss still has a bit of a British accent and you'll often hear him pronouncing words like "banana", "tomato", and "water" like an Englishman.

Mr. Wyss lives with his wife (who is also a teacher) and young son, Jeremy, in Warrington, PA.   Jeremy is a sixth grader!


How to Pronouce His Name:

You might be wondering how to pronounce his name.  Mr. Wyss was actually born in Switzerland, so his name is a Swiss name.  It's pronounced "Veece" to rhyme with "geese" and geese fly in a "V" formation!